The ECHO Ideology


The four pillars of the ECHO Ideology is a consistent moral guide which navigates you through the business world and keeps you personally accountable. These foundational pillars upholds the figurative roof over your organisation, covering your every move.

Ethics – How we act and make choices

  • Moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity

In the modern age we live and trade in, it is far too easy to gradually be desensitised to accept world systems and the lack of ethics it can function by. As a Christian entrepreneurial workforce we have been sent into the world to shine light on the immoralities of unethical business. The follow up to this is to ensure that we also lead by example and embody what we want to introduce into board meetings, office cultures and high level decisions we make on a daily basis.

As the first pillar of the ECHO ideology, we see ethics as a cornerstone for healthy structures. So what exactly is ethics you might ask. By definition ethics is the moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity. Simply put, ethics is recognising the right avenue of choice in the way you act and make decisions in every situation you find yourself in, even when it involves no other person present.

Diving deeper into the difference between ethics and acting or being ethical


Ethics as a concept is a code of conduct according to what is generally known to be good and true. This is something we can study and come to understand and eventually decide to live by or not. Once we decide to embody an ethical lifestyle the perspective shifts significantly. We now have the moral obligation not only to be an example to those who are exposed to us throughout our daily lives but even more so to our own inner man. Mentally, spiritually and emotionally we have to continually break down bad behaviours and negative thinking patterns in order to make room to build up new, healthy and sustainable mindsets we can live by. When  identifying the wrongs to right, some things tend be more evident than others but the more we press into honourable standards of living the easier it becomes to hone our personal selves ethically.

This is a choice commitment and lifetime journey.

Character – Who we embody as viewed by others

  • The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual

With our understanding of ethics and its origination from our inner person, we have the task of looking at character as an outward expression of what can be found within. By undertaking a journey of consistent quality mental and moral actions we have the ability to positively influence our circumstances and many individuals in our lives.

A sound character is one of the most important qualities to have. When we look at some trigger words like honesty, transparency and trustworthiness, we inevitably expect to find these in all our genuine relationship connections. Sadly nowadays, we may find ourselves in more questionable relationships than we’d like in our lives.

If people experience or even just suspect a lack of any upstanding character traits as mentioned they immediately start adding figurative bricks to their invisible wall of emotional and mental protection and may even end up deciding to distance themselves from you.

With Character in mind, let’s look at sales. Nowadays with information technology in the palm of our hands buyers in the market for a specific product of service are educating themselves more than ever. They will compare price, specifications, quality and so much more before making the final decision. Your audience will even assess character traits of the sales team.

People should expect that they are being serviced by values that protect them as patrons. Our character is the things that exudes our core values and who we come deal with can sense this with fair accuracy.

Honour – How you treat others and situation

  • High respect; great esteem. The quality of knowing and doing what is morally right.

Obligation – Your commitment to the goals you are called to fulfil

  • Morally or legally bound to a duty or commitment.


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